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Hello All! My name is James, and I’m a 30 year old aspiring writer and martial arts obsessive from God’s own country; Wales (there may be richer countries in the world but come on, we have a dragon on our flag!).

JP Harker is the name that I write under and the main purpose of this site/blog is to get some opinions on my writing from some of you out there in the big wide world and also get my name out there a bit as I try to get my work published – no easy task these days!

Comments and feedback are always welcome and I’m happy to answer any questions people may have, though please keep in mind my limited understanding and use of the web so do be patient with my speed of response. I’m not just after praise as I really do want to be the best writer that I can be, but saying that, simply commenting ‘well that’s crap’ is not as constructive as it may at first seem, so I’d appreciate either something a little more detailed than that or a suitably dignified silence :-).

This site is principally divided into two sections: My literary blog where I’ll be posting stuff on my own work (mostly fantasy writing) and commenting on what I’m reading myself at the moment, and my personal blog where I’ll be banging on about my other interests, mainly stuff on martial arts, general physical training, film reviews and a bit of ballroom dancing and general geekery.

Hopefully I’ll soon be a published author and you can all say you knew about me before it became cool – wish me luck!


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