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Caledon Reviews

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Clue is in the title! – I’ve been lucky enough to have some great reviews for the Caledon Saga and so I thought I’d put their links on the site.

Thanks so much to all the bloggers and booktubers for taking the time to read my work (and for saying nice things about it)!  For those who’ve suffered emotional trauma from the books, at least this will show you’re not alone!

Darque Dreamer

Wildcat by J.P. Harker

Ordinary Reader 

Rattle The Pages 

Saz  Books 


Book Reviews Anon

Wildcat, by J. P. Harker

The Book Cove

Brilliantly Bookish

Wildcat by JP Harker // a very enjoyable novel with an impressive amount of research

Adventures Thru Wonderland 

Books from Dusk Till Dawn

Wildcat (The Caledon Saga) by J.P. Harker #Fantasy #IronAgeBritain @JP_Harker


Reader Fox

Wildcat [by J.P. Harker] (Book Review #48)


Thanks again to all who read and reviewed, it’s very much appreciated – apologies if I’ve missed anyone out.

And as they say in Sirius Cybernetics – Share and Enjoy!

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